Pit Bulls Put Down At Alarming Rate

CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) — It’s A dark reality for one breed of animal, forever fighting an unwanted image.

Pit bulls waiting to find new homes in city shelters are being put down at an alarming rate in Chicago.

CBS 2’s Chris Martinez takes a look at the startling numbers and the reason behind them in this original report.

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An overwhelming number of pit bulls dumped at the pound won’t get a second chance.

When asked how big of a problem it is, Paula Fassais of Paws Chicago said,”It’s a huge problem.”

Of the more than 10,000 animals put down at the city animal shelter in a year’s time, we’re told pit bulls have, by far, the highest head count.

“Several hundred pit bulls a month are being put down,” said Fassais.

Fassais says it’s getting worse. The root is over-breeding on a massive scale by people…

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Pit Bulls Put Down At Alarming Rate

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