AWS Certification: A Brief Study Guide

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Last week, on the 1st of May, Amazon launched their certification program for people working with AWS. I’d gotten wind that this was coming at some point this year a while back, and had decided I wanted to go for it. In fact, achieving an AWS certification wound up on my goals for the year at Datalynx.

As the 1st was a public holiday here in Switzerland, I took the exam bright and early on the 2nd and… passed! Yay! 😀

Afterwards I realised there isn’t a whole lot of guidance material out there yet for anyone who’s looking to take the exam as well, so I thought I’d provide a little run down of the preparation I did, aside from actually working with AWS of course. So, here’s my path to certification;

Take the Training Course

The biggest single investment of both time and money I made was on…

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AWS Certification: A Brief Study Guide